School History

School History

Our school, which started service in 1984, is the fifth kindergarten of TWGHs. Mr Lui Lai Cheung, Frederick, JP, chairman of the Board 1996/1997, generously gave donations in 1992. The donations were not only for the enhancement of school facilities but also for the memory of his mother. After that, the Board of Directors officially renamed our school as TWGHs Lui Fung Faung Memorial Kindergarten at the same year.

Our school provides both morning class and whole day class for children. We have passed the review of the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency, and have an outstanding result in food, water, air and the environment, providing a safe and healthy learning environment for children.

TWGHs Fui Fung Faung Memorial Kindergarten (Explore 3D Space)
Environment and Facilities

Our spacious school is full of facilities and equipments for teaching and learning. The school’s total area is 537m2 including six classrooms, a music room, a physical activity room, a library, a multi-intelligent activity room and a free play area. Apart from fully utilizing government resources, our school is also given subsidies by the Board of Directors every year. Hence, we are able to regularly advance our equipment in order to boost teaching effectiveness.

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