Curriculum & Teaching

Curriculum & Teaching

The curriculum of our school is based on the Guidelines for Pre-primary Education Curriculum which is published by the Curriculum Development Council of the Hong Kong Education Bureau. It aims at “Education for All”. Combining with our school motto, ‘’diligence, frugality, loyalty, and faith’’, together with moral education, we arrange diversified and enlightened activities among to all levels. Children are capable of acquiring knowledge, skills and attitudes via comprehensive learning activities. Besides, the curriculum also effectively promotes moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development of children. In addition, we aim at cultivating children who are enthusiastic in self-learning and truth-seeking through integrated teaching strategies. Children are able to grasp every opportunity to learn in the pleasant environment which is full of languages, mathematics, science and exploration. ‘’Learning by doing’’ is always a good way for children to learn in our school.

Aims and Visions

* To cultivate children’s positive attitude towards knowledge and surrounding environment.

* To develop children’s ability of “Biliteracy and Trilingualism” and Information Technology.

*To cultivate children’s positive self-concept, self-esteem and ability of independence.

*To cultivate children’s sense of responsibility and right attitude for treating people.  

* To cultivate children’s ability of concentration, observation, reasoning and problem solving. 

* To cultivate children’s physical and skill development. 

* To cultivate children’s social skill and self-help ability. 

*To cultivate children’s creativity, ability of artistic expression and appreciation.

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